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Construction Progress

Aerial and or Ground Progress Photographic Service —-

Eagle’s Eye to your construction team and utilizing our professional photographic services to create photographic documentation of the construction progress. high resolution, 3rd party data, especially useful in settling disputes. This monthly or bi-monthly photographic service has become an important, required specification and widely used management tool in the construction building process. I work on small projects all the way up to major developments, providing aerial images, both close-up and overall, from an altitude of 1000′, necessary to encompass the entire site. No project is too small.To Receive your FREE – NO obligation quote on your project:

FIRST – Use the  Site Locator link in the menu to the left. This easy to use tool allows you to identify and outline the project site. I need this information to see the exact location and scope (area) of your project.

SECOND – Once we review your site, we will call you right away to discuss the exact specifications for your project. The quote will be based on the specifications you provide. Changes always seem to occur.  Any changes to specs will change the total quote, things such as number of views, digital and or prints or frequency of the images, say from once a month to twice a month. Should you have the time, please read through the information below which covers many of the benefits of having us on your team.

Please visit the “Construction” gallery to see lots of samples of other projects we have worked on. I have been involved in over a hundred projects over the last 20 years. Some recent projects – LOBO Village, Pres Westside, UNM PIT, SF Judicial center, I-25 widening, Rio Puerco Bridge overpass, UNMH Rio Rancho, Los Duranes Community Center, 9 Mile Hill I-40 Widening, KAFB Buildings and UNM Dorms.

NEW – Gound level Time-Lapse photography…

Quick Outline of Client Benefits:

  • Monthly 0r bi-monthly progress
  • Work on short notice
  • Flexible schedule to adjust for weather, change orders and special needs
  • Ground progress service for 3rd party documentation
  • High Resolution digital files – FTP posting for quick access
  • Choice of deliverables – e.g., 8.5×11 color prints with title block, 16×24 or 24×36 enlargements
  • Available for ground ceremonies e.g., ribbon cutting, ground breaking, roof topping or grand opening
  • Site Locator Tool for easy project site identification.

Architects routinely specifiy monthly and or bi-monthly documentation by a professional photographer who are routinely engaged in that type of photographic activity. This is when you need Eagle’s Eye Photo. Many contractors depend on us to help them meet this specification. Monthly or bi-monthly aerial photos offer a unique perspective of the entire project. We also provide 3rd party documentation which is vital to resolving legal issues.

Project Managers need to have available a professional aerial photographic service that provides flexible options to provide aerial and ground progress documentation. Inclusive of project change orders and or special needs during the build time. Eagle’s Eye provides high quality service to meet your specific needs.

We provide the visual tools to help you manage the project more efficiently, giving you tools to work with diverse groups of people involved in the construction process. As a locally based business, we know the community well.

Final photo of the project makes a great gift to those who worked on the project.
By placing Eagle’s Eye Photo on your construction team, and utilizing our professional photographic, oblique aerial images and or ground documentation, you will have visual images created which support and become an intergral part of your record keeping process of the project. You gain third party documentation, which is vitally important from a legal stand point, when a dispute does arise. Contractors and Architects, find that the visual documentation at specific intervals of time, become an important, valuable, supporting document of the construction progress, in addition to submission with monthly inspection and draw reports.


In today’s litigious society, technology, equipment, and cost of construction loans, where time is money and construction is fast-paced to meet demanding completion deadlines to get a project built and into operation, photographic images are an important part of the documentation process. Many projects are on a fast-track schedule. Plus we cannot exclude the many groups who keep a watchful eye out for something to go wrong as the project progresses.The IMPORTANCE in keeping excellent records of the project activities and progress, which now includes visual data, is an absolute must to protect against any type of claim which can arise before, during or after project completion. Especially in the complexity of a construction project where one process or sub-contractors timely performance is very dependent on another.

A few specific uses include: Stored materials documentation, Delivery date confirmations, Verifications of % completion, and use for Project meetings to verify and/or modify specific situations which arise.

The images we provide, create clear, crisp detail, that accurately document specific intervals in the construction time line. In many instances, over the years of providing this service, we find time and time again, that contractors and architects use these aerials to solve a dispute about the project, which is causing harm to the project time line, and overall profit from the job. One photo can and has saved thousands of dollars on a project.

Our service, in the local area, aerial, once-a-month or bi-monthly, offers a number of different options, depending on size, duration and specifications of the project. Call to request the current fee schedule as they are periodically adjusted due to fuel costs. A Digital option is available for our clients that need to post images on the web and need to integrate the images directly into reports. High resolution Digital images provide the option of being able to zoom in on a specific area of the project. The images each month are posted on our FTP site for download directly to your office.

The progress photos created, fulfill any 01380, 01381, or subsequent custom project specifications. As a matter of fact, Eagle’s Eye Photo Imaging has been the professional photographer of choice in the documentation of every major construction project in Albuquerque and surrounding areas for the last 28 years. You can request a list of previous projects we have worked on and completed. Many references can also be provided.

Each construction project is unique, and subject to many variables. We do not have early or late completion penalties. We understand situations change during the course of a project. As a member of your team, we remain flexible to address any change orders.

Our quotes are based on the specifications provided. When changes arise such as the frequency, quantity or size of images requested, you will need to issue a written change order. This will effect the fees for our services.

When your construction schedule is already hectic, time is in short supply, and timelines are critical, let us take the responsibility for professional, third party documentation of all aspects of your construction project. The photographic images document all construction phases which include:

  • Ground Breaking Photos
  • Site Clearing
  • Grade Work
  • Site Drawings
  • Form Work
  • Overall of footing foundations
  • Foundation Pour
  • Framing
  • Paving
  • Mechanical rough-in
  • Exterior Skin
  • Landscaping
  • Close up of foundation
  • Excavation
  • Insulation
  • Red Steel
  • Roofing
  • Project Completion
  • Interior and Exterior
  • Grand Opening

Additional Benefits…
Progress photography serve to show contractors, architects, engineers, owners, EPA, neighborhood organizations, protest groups, zoning, city commissions and investors — often thousands of miles away — how the construction is progressing. This helps planning for upcoming requirements during the life cycle of the project. The images also show your equipment at work and guard against consequential damages which harm the completion time-line and final profit. From a legal standpoint, the photography can also identify reasons why a project might be running behind–they will show snow, flooding, and other situations hindering progress such as subs not preforming on time

Architects, engineers, and subcontractors can utilize the benefits of the photographic documentation for analysis of their work on the project. The photographs are an excellent tool to study project delivery systems and look for ways to increase efficiency and productivity.

Ground photography is used when greater detail is needed to document specific areas of activities during the construction process. In cases where the contractors create their own digital images, Eagle’s Eye can make quality prints of the digital images. Color enlargements are a great way to display your equipment at work when making your proposals on future bids, displaying images in the conference room, or showing current work at a trade show display.

Many contractors order a final image and prints, titling the project to give to those who worked on the project for their portfolios.
We are flexible when special photographic needs arise and can adjust our flight schedule around local weather conditions. We can also easily accommodate special flight request.

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