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Deliverables & Costs

Projects are individually planned to meet the objectives of our clients.  Each photographic request is confidential. Our process includes:

  1. An initial conversation to identify the objectives, photo content specifications, specific needs, and available budget. Intended use of the photos and desired products are specified.
  2. Proposal with revisions as needed.
  3. Written authorization to proceed from client.
  4. As the project proceeds, there are often additions, changes of dates, specification updates, etc. These will be confirmed in writing and may have cost and/or timing implications as specified in the confirmation.
  5. Creation of images, “shoots.”
  6. Review of the proofs and selection of images. Photo proofs are posted on a web page for client review and image selection. No color correction or cropping is done at this point. Clients are looking at images solely to select which work best for their project.
  7. Post production work on images selected to produce final deliverables.
  8. Delivery & invoicing

Eagle’s Eye has frequently scheduled flights that reduce the cost of aerial photographic service by doing multiple sites. We also make custom flights at an additional cost as we are only doing one assignment to meet a client’s time requirements. Cost starts at 189.00 for 3 high-resolution images, or 295.00 for 6 images of your choice from the series of images provided. Many packages are available. Call to discuss! 505-980-2499

Priority is given to each client’s photo request, weather permitting, including wind conditions, cloud cover, haze, forest-fire smoke, presidential visits, etc. Ground photography timing may also be affected by weather conditions.

Proofs are posted within two days of the shoot. Selected digital images are color corrected and placed on an FTP site to download. Images that require us to make prints or enlargements are placed in the production schedule. Most enlargements are done in-house up to 24×36 to assure confidentiality, and control quality, cost and turn-around-time. Products are typically ready for delivery within one week of image selection.



Some clients need only one image and a single digital file to illustrate a proposal, while others need a complex series of images looking in different directions with graphics, digital files, high quality prints and a reproduction license for several digital uses. There are many options available to provide the best program to fulfill specific needs.

Custom Graphics added to photos for annotation

Prints range in size from 4”×6” to 24”×36”, Enlargement mounting on foam core, Brushed Aluminum prints 12×18 to 20×30 – These unique prints are water proof. They can be displayed in places where they may get wet (e.g., outside) or need easy cleaning.

  • Digital high resolution images
  • Construction Progress series 5 to unlimited images required
  • Panoramic displays
  • HDR Ground photos (High Dynamic Range) excellent for interior photography
  • Aerial Site Acquisition Studies – 5 or more images
  • Book of images
  • Reproduction License
  • Certificate of Authenticity for legal issues


Pricing is based on the demands and details of the project. The fee includes consultation during the course of the project, photographic time, post production of images, deadline considerations, production costs, and assignment complexity. Clients realize substantial savings by having their site flown on our schedule (provides frequent photo flights) with other assignments instead of a custom flight when we need to take photos at a specified time. Out-of-town assignments are always custom flights. A premium may be charged for expedited services on any assignment.

The pricing of the images is determined by how they are going to be used by the client and the related products that are created. For example, a reproduction license may be needed for digital files so they can be used in websites, e-mail campaigns, electronic brochures, financial proposals, Power Point presentations, awards, print ads, etc.  Products include prints, graphic enhancements, enlargements, etc. Thus, photographic fees are use-based, allowing the client to invest only in what is needed.

The licensing fees are based entirely on the client’s intended uses of the images. Digital files are licensed to the client company and are not transferable to others unless agreed to in writing. Image value is based on the usage. Like a music CD or a movie, it is illegal to make copies and distribute them to our friends or to sell them. It’s the same concept for photographic images; they, too, are protected by the complex copyright laws.

Any use or transfer of images created by Eagle’s Eye requires written authorization. Any free distribution or resale of the images, without a prior agreement, constitutes an additional use.
Terms and Conditions 

  • Payment is due when invoice is received.
  • Out of town assignments require a pre-payment of estimated flight time and/or overnight expenses. An invoice will be provided for this expense.
  • Invoices are sent via e-mail upon completion of the assigned work.
  • Checks are accepted along with major credit cards. Timely payment is expected.
  • New accounts receive a W-9 form.
  • Aerial photography is classified as a service, therefore all invoices will have the Gross Receipts tax added unless a client provides a correct NTTC (non-taxable transaction certificate).
  • Prior notification is required when a photograph is to be used in a way that is not covered by the Licensing Agreement. There may be an addition fee.
  • When an aerial photograph is published, it is required to contain a credit line: “Aerial by EaglesEyePhoto.com”. Ground photography published requires a credit line of “Photo by EaglesEyePhoto.com. This is an industry standard.
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