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Your Personal Eye In The Sky

Why: Agree or Disagree: first impressions are vital. Are eye-catching images to create attention to your projects, important? Of course. Here are simple Secrets and solutions for making a great first impression. Plus, is quality, price, reliability, and confidentiality valuable to you? Call now to discuss your project photographic needs. See how the vantage point of the camera is essential. Also, know the 40 plus year skill of the photographer behind the camera is valuable to provide the best composition. We help make your first impressions more valuable.

Images we create for you, help establish a cost-effective and efficient method to make a great 1st impression. Current images help tell a story that can accelerate receiving a call regarding your project. One image is worth a thousand words. You deserve great service, timely delivery, confidentiality, and quality at a reasonable cost. IN any business environment, situations constantly change. It’s important for us to be a good part of your team.

Flexibility and attention to deadlines and detail are important. This helps in producing a quality final result in a timely manner. Welcome to this web site. You deserve to have a talented, skilled commercial photographer in New Mexico, on your team of experts. You have landed on the right web site. Lee Morgan of Eagles Eye Photo, since 1978 and Mystic Mountain Studio can quickly become an important member of your success team. Call – 505-980-2499. Let’s discuss, now, in detail your ideas and needs, to develop a detailed, cost-effective program.

I use my 40 plus years of experience and resources to capture quality images to tell your story.  Together, we can make a great first impression.  I want you to think of me every time you hear an airplane fly overhead or see an aerial image, even if it’s from Google or a drone. The vantage point of the camera is critical.

How: AERIAL photos – AMAZING – Now when people hear the word aerial, they think Drone! Drones do have their place. However, the key is the position of the vantage point. The advantage/benefit to oblique (at an angle) aerial images from an airplane is the viewing perspective. The vantage point from an airplane starting at 1000 feet or higher becomes “An Eagles Eye view.”

This perspective clearly demonstrates the value of, location, location, and location of a property or project in clear detail. You need to show rooftops, not treetops for the best perspective. Legally drones are limited to 400 feet. All digital photography you receive is from a full-frame, a high-quality digital camera that is handheld. This provides true, non-distorted, custom, well-composed quality images to fill the specific needs of each assignment. Add Sizzle to your project information. From the airplane, we cover a large area in a short amount of time-saving money. With the current digital camera technology, anyone can get, aim, and push the button. The key is to know when to push the button.  That comes from composition abilities and experience.GROUND photos – All images when necessary are done in HDR (High Dynamic Range) to provide maximum benefit in contrast to light and dark areas. This method maximizes the impact of the image. Some images are taken 14′ above the ground, important when shooting from a parking lot.

What:  AERIAL – We offer frequent photo flights from fixed-wing airplanes, helicopters or a drone for special uses. Service includes oblique (at an angle) or near-vertical images.

The airplane photo fee starts at 189.00 per local site on our regular flight schedule. See the Deliverables & Cost Tab. Saves 50% from Custom flights.

You have multiple options which include prints from 8.5×11 up to 24×36 with graphics or high-resolution digital images with a reproduction license to use as needed. Multiple images are posted to a web page to select the most useful views. Images are then placed into DropBox for the client to download after all post-production work is completed.

GROUND – Full ground support photography of interior and exterior, including TIME LAPSE, is available. Detail to all the elements of the project is the key to great service.


I look forward to working with you to become a part of your team. Take advantage of making a great first impression or assisting in showing others the exact nature, condition, and value of a project. Call now to discuss your project specifications, deadlines, and schedule your photographic needs. 505-980-2499. My current active area of coverage in Albuquerque, Los Lunas, Belen, Rio Rancho, Santa Fe, Espanola, Taos, Las Vegas, Clovis, Farmington, Roswell, Alamogordo, Las Cruces, Santa Teresa, El Paso, Carlsbad, Gallup, and Grants. This is most of New Mexico.

Should I NOT do a good job, I don’t deserve to be a part of your team. My above beliefs continue to create repeat business and referrals. Clients who choose to add me to their team, gain 39 years of photographic experience, friendly service, attention to detail, and quality images at an affordable fee. Continuous service since 1978.

From our Studio, we provide ground photography services of buildings both interior and exterior, including time-lapse. In our Mystic Mountain photo studio www.mysticmountainstudio.com we photograph a number of subjects. Visit our galleries.

I value Confidentiality, Fast response, and Attention to detail. Experience, Communication, Great Local Service, Flexibility, Multiple options, Frequent flights, Price and Quality, are all important factors for you. In building a great, long-term business relationship and executing a successful project all these factors are considered. Eagle’s Eye, is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

NOW released – the Personal Legacy Builder Academy program for Self-Improvement. Seven years in the writing. The program is about the importance of writing your life story. The program is also about you conducting a self-paced self-analysis/life inventory to find areas of your life you choose to improve or change. This creates greater self-awareness allowing you to make more informed choices and decisions. Check out the web site for more challenging information. www.personallegacybuilder.com

Your decisions now can become the bridge from where you are now, to where you want to be.

All parts of the program will take you to new levels of thinking. Personal growth includes self-awareness, mindset, planning, legacy building, actions, and intended success. Also, increase your awareness of those around you. To become better, you must want to and create action.
The central concept is, “Can One Decision Change Your Life?”

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